What Kind of Warranty Do Air Duct Sealing Companies Offer?

Learn about what kind of warranty do air duct sealing companies offer? Filterbuy Local provides top air duct sealing services in Dania Beach, Florida.

What Kind of Warranty Do Air Duct Sealing Companies Offer?

If you have noticed any cracks or openings in your air ducts, Aeroseal is an effective home air duct sealing technology that can help you improve the quality of life for both homeowners and business owners. The lifespan of an Aeroseal job is largely dependent on the quality of the initial installation and regular maintenance over time. Generally, a properly installed Aeroseal will last between 5 and 10 years before needing to be re-sealed. If any cracks or openings are found during the pre-installation inspection, they must be fixed so that the sealant adheres effectively and forms a reliable barrier. In addition, if any changes occur in the structure or in the dynamics of the airflow of the space after installation, extra measures must be taken to make sure that the system works correctly.

It is recommended that qualified professionals carry out regular inspections at least every two years to check if they have undergone normal wear and if new damage has occurred since the original sealing was done. Most home warranty plans include climate coverage as a standard option. Furthermore, depending on your warranty plan, you may have coverage for your home's ducts in case of normal breakdowns due to wear and tear. Welcome to Filterbuy Local, Aeroseal's top air duct sealing services company, which is proud to serve the Dania Beach, Florida, metropolitan area and surrounding areas. Sealing air ducts with the Aeroseal process has many advantages that can improve the quality of life for both homeowners and business owners.

The cost of sealing air ducts with Aeroseal in Coral Springs, Florida can vary depending on several factors. Aeroseal is a patented air duct sealing technology that has revolutionized the sealing process of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. This innovative approach utilizes software-guided equipment to apply an aerosol sealant directly to leaking areas of residential and commercial air ducts. The sealant then expands within the air ducts as it reacts with ambient moisture to form a secure bond. Regular maintenance and cleaning of air ducts can go a long way towards preserving the effectiveness of Aeroseal sealing technology and, at the same time, maintaining high indoor air quality and reducing monthly electricity bills. In addition, sealing air ducts prevents external contaminants from entering the ventilation system, reducing triggers for asthma and other symptoms related to allergies. Just like an unrepaired dripping faucet, a leaking air duct system will cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars if not sealed for an extended period.

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