What is Duct Sealant and How Does it Work?

Learn what duct sealant is made of and how it works from an expert's perspective. Find out why it's important to hire an expert to clean and seal your ducts.

What is Duct Sealant and How Does it Work?

Duct sealant, also known as magic sealant or “secret sauce”, is a stable, non-toxic, flammable emulsion of water and vinyl acetate polymer. It aerosolizes into 4 to 10 micron particles and is distributed under pressure throughout the interior of an air duct system.

The duct sealant

is a special compound that fills the cracks and voids in the ducts, providing a much more efficient seal than adhesive tape. A thorough inspection and proper sealing of the ducts can help prevent diseases and damage to the air conditioning system.

This is because duct systems need to be sealed so that the pressure and volume of air circulating through the system are correct. Hiring an expert to clean and seal your ducts can save you from doctor visits and medical expenses in the future. The most commonly used traditional sealant has been replaced by water-based products such as MTS 100 or DP 1010. These products are designed to fill any holes in the ducts that could cause air loss throughout the system. For cold, harsh weather conditions, oil-based sealants such as 44-52 Eco Duct Seal Low VOC (MEI) can be used.

The Allfasteners AF607 is a UL 181B-M certified water-based duct sealant designed to seal metal joints in air conditioning, cooling, ventilation and air distribution systems.

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